Facebook Data to Data Studio Template

This is a Google Sheets-template that help you import Facebook Page Data to Google Data Studio. If you want to monitor changes in your Facebook presence and post data as well as your page metrics together with your Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics and other such data, then this template will help you do that.

Facebook Page Data to Google Data Studio Template 2020

Google Analytics Audit Template

This is a Google Sheets Template that help you with the Analysis end of a Google Analytics Audit. There are hundreds of audit templates for technical audits but I haven’t really found any that focus on the analysis part of it. Thus I made this to help you draw some conclusions and ask the reports the proper questions so that your analysis can lead to growth.

Google Analytics Audit Template

Facebook Groups for Business – From start to growth

This tutorial takes you from how to prepare to setup a Facebook group for Business to how you actually grow the group. It includes a tactical document as well as the Cover photo template and all other assets you might need.

Facebook Groups for Business in 2020