Public Speaking

He has held an 8 year collaboration with the digital school Hyper Island and delivers workshops, talks and educational sessions with both long term students as well as Master Class participants and has been a part of the development of new formats such as Labs and online classes.

Global Speaker (ENG/SWE)

Jesper does talks on digital tactics and user behavior all around the world. In the past 12 months, he has been everywhere from Singapore to Stockholm, Hong Kong to Silicon Valley and Frankfurt to New York.

Since digital tactics apply to all kinds of industries wanting to be relevant online, Jesper’s approach helps brands in both B2B and B2C sectors approach their online presence, digital products, and digital business in a way which makes them reach their potential and achieve maximum growth.

His lectures and workshops are appreciated both for their storytelling and the learning outcome and his reviews are rarely below an average of 4.7 in a group of 30 or more participants.  (Which means he has got a slightly worse average rating than riding with the average Uber-driver in an average big city in the US. So, in other words, maybe should have left that one off the page…)

On this page you’ll find recordings of previous talks as well as abstracts to current workshops, presentations and talks he is currently doing around the globe.

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