Google Local Business Centre for Google Maps

Found this video on YouTube, and I though I should share it as it is an important piece of the puzzle when taking control of your own brand online. As people are searching through many different means, this is perhaps the best way to make an instant impact on the search rankings.

Now you might ask why that is so? Well, with universal search in place, Google tries to return the best possible page for your query. In some cases, such as when you search for “cafe Stockholm”, you’ll receive something looking a bit like this:

image of local business locator from Google

It appears on top of the search engine and takes up A LOT of space. Now imagine if you were a legal firm, a store, a business consultancy? Wouldn’t you want to be the one taking the top place for words such as “legal firm stockholm” or “consultancy stockholm”. I bet you would and that is why it is important that you fill in your Google Local Business Centre data.

People searching for locations usually want to see a map so I believe Google will try and place these pages on top of more location searches during the next year.


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  1. ”Den konsult som löser de internorganisatoriska problemen i företagen är den konsult som kommer tjäna mycket pengar under 2010.”

    Som de säger i Matrix: ”It has already begun.”

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