To Land a Jumbo Jet in a Gigantic bowl of Popcorn

I don’t think I’ve ever revealed my inner dream project to you? The thing is I have a dream of landing a jumbo jet without the wheels out into a gigantic bowl of popcorn. Don’t ask me why, it is just one of those things I feel like we should see in our life time. Now you might think I am talking crap, that I don’t have any sense of reality and that landing a jumbo jet in a bowl of popcorn is something so outrageous that one should never try it.

Sonia Rykiel pour H&M

Think again. On the 1st of December, in Paris, H&M and their collaboration with Sonia Rykiel are hitting the switches on a Fashion event so extraordinary that I have been itching for the day so long. Basically they will take over Grand Palais in Paris and create a fantasy world where they will host a gigantic Fashion event. I must say, I am not getting paid to say this. You might wonder why this has anything to do with Social Media and SEO. Well, consider the link bait power in this event.

You can link bait anyone from taxi divers to fashionistas. Architecture bloggers and news publishers, image galleries and long tail econometrics nerds. A fashion event of this caliber is the best possible way to build enough links including the anchortext “fashion” one can do. Imagine the POWER these large corporations would hold if they knew how to extract this link juice from their remarkable events. Imagine the force at which they could channel the search engine power to drive sales.

Jumbo Link Juice

Landing a plane in a jumbo jet seems quite dull when comparing it to the awesomeness of inbound power in an event like this. There are 101 million searches for shoes every month. There are 45 million searches for fashion. I wonder how much commercial value are behind those searches. Let’s assume that 10 percent of them are out to buy. That means 4.5 million customers. If link juice was directed at targeting these kinds of Fashion terms, I would say this sick of sick events is a well made investment.

It might be otherwise as well, but IMAGINE the force at which these large corporations with huge marketing budgets could completely dominate if they turned on their link juice goggles when producing an offline event as such.


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