SEO Link values According to Gollum

There is allways a huge discussion in the search engine optimization community about link values. However, only a few people come out and say that they are actively building links to rank better in the SERPs. Even fewer people say that they buy links.

In an attempt to actually build some understanding on the topic. I contacted the link builder and black hat SEO spammer Gollum. Yes, you’re correct. Gollum who made an outstanding performance in playing himself in the Lord of the Rings. Gollum takes us behind the scenes to describe what the Lord of the Rings is really all about. Namely: The value of different links!!

– Oooooh… preeccciousss… links… preeecious liiinks… I’ll tell you all about them links..

Frodo Links
These links are built with a clean consience. Frodo links are the true soul of link love. There are loads of Frodo links out there. Small to medium sized websites, rich with content on a specific topic. Frodo links are personal, they are not to be bought. Frodo actually hates the pure notion of buying and selling links. He only gives links if he likes you, if he trusts you… Frodo never gave me any link. Once he was about to, but then his stupid hobit of a friden Sam told him about my black hat methods which made him stop…

Sam Links
Sam is bestest of friends with Frodo. He links to and talks about everything linked by Frodo. Frodo is basically Sams master and any link love given by Frodo will be doubbled by Sam. Sam is weaker than Frodo, but there are more followers than leaders out there, so Sam links are sweet. Worst thing with Sam links is that they tend to sneak of and tell the Frodos about your corrupt methods if you manage to get Frodo on your side. Enough Sams and Frodo might listen. I truely love to hate those Sam links.

Pippin Links
These links are as strong as Sam Links, but they are usually a bit less stable. They tend to go up and down as Pippin tend to run all over the place. Keyword clusters are not that tight around the Pippin links.

Aragorn Links
Ususally royal links that do not know their value until you tell their owner of the name about them. They have no clue they have influence over the whole link exchange empire and that they embody loads of power. Never buy a link from Aragorn as he can only be influenced for so long. As soon as the Sams tell the Aragorns about your filthy methods, the Aragorns tend to turn on you. Turn to the White hat side. Awwrrrgh…

Boromir Links
Sweet links. Usually found in the PR 5-6 level domains. Highly corruptable, and very much buy-able. You can identify a Boromir link possiblity from the About page on the blog. If a big ego exists then a big buy is possible. The more money the better placement… Boromir knows his worth but a Boromir link will be delivered with the right anchor text and the proper positioning. Beware of the “three month later nofollow” though… Boromir might switch sides in a minute to another highest bidder and is hence not to trust. Check them links all the time.

Legolas Links
Correct keyword links, very difficult to corrupt but if you provide them with some sentimental historical pages and some tradition or relation building you will get them Legolas links to your website. Legolas is usually found as the medium size influencer somewhere in the wicked pages of related keywords. Maybe not the best Semantics… you never get what those elves are saying… but.. they will link to you if they feel you are as trustworthy as themselves. Might be difficult with some elves.. but… it is worth the effort.

Gandalf Links
These are some magical PR 8-9 links. Completely impossible to corrupt. Gandalf links are found in the higher nature generic domain sectors. Non-affiliated and completely independent. Got loads of knowledge about everything. Even about you. It doesn’t matter how hard you work. Gandalf links might never fall on your website… with luck and hard work. You might still be the choosen one to get the trust of a Gandalf…

Confused yet?
Well. In some way I talked to Gollum the other day. It was when my friend Christian and I were talking about link values and how they differ. Also we can see a drastic change in how Google is appreciating and rewarding certain types of links. To be linked in a relevant cluster might just be more important than being linked a lot of times.

To be in the centre of a cluster is also more important than gaining only one link from the one in the centre. Also confusing? Well, I’ll explain it later. Right now. This post is about starting to think of links in a context instead of thinking plain links.

Use your imagination and figure out in what context you would like to put your website. Gollum knows everything about the different links available in his neighborhood. Do you know enough about the links that are available to you?

ps. if you got some time… please complete the list above as I think this was pretty funny to do… perhaps you got better suggestions on the Gollum Link directory… haha..


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7 thoughts on “SEO Link values According to Gollum”

  1. I think for the most part we will begin to see a shift in “link building”. I am already starting to see the change now with search engines wanting more branding which will naturally lead to better rankings.

  2. True. Brands, due to LSI, popular websites, due to real time open talk such as twittering… everything is changing. Some learn some are stubborn. The stubborn ones will not be profitable soon enough 🙂


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