4 Videos on Google’s view on Link Value

There is always a lot of chat about how Google value different kind of links. Here are three important videos from Matt Cutts and Google that I think you should look through if you haven’t already done so. Also subscribe to their channel as they post about a video a week, sometimes more often.

It is friday so why don’t kick back and watch some vids right?

You shouldn’t always trust Google, especially when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. It is important however to follow changes in what they say. These are four videos of about 14 hrs (yes I’ve seen them all) of videos from the Google Webmaster account. These videos are solely about how they view links from different sources.

1. Social Links

The important thing that Matt says in this video is that they look at each web page individually. Authority links are more important than no authority links. Page Rank is what is a face value of authority, but there are many other aspects that are calculated into a web page’s authority. On topic, LSI, co-citation etc. Page Rank gives you a rough estimate if the web page is harmful or if it is good for you though but you cannot solely depend upon it.

Social links are usually not followed. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t build them. All links that Google find to your website are good although they do not pass page rank. In a natural link profile, there are nofollow links included, so don’t forget them when building your link profile.

2. Linking to Friends

This is basically an ethical discussion. The nofollow attirbute is discussed in some detail and Matt doesn’t give away anything new. The video is important however as it takes aim at what other aspects than paid links that might not be accepted by google.

3. Matt Cutts on Reciprocal Press links

In this video Matt discuss press links. Reciprocal links are also a part of your natural link profile, but your links should not only be to websites that have linked to you. Variations are important and if you put the user/brand thoughts in the center of your analysis you will end up on a good place.

4. On Blog Comment Spam

Again, Matt discusses the nofollow attribute but he also mentions some really interesting points about servers and spammer tactics that are important to take into your blog comment tactics. Do not behave in a spammy way as he describes here, but behave naturally and they won’t notice. There is this excellent wordpress plugin called pingcrawl that can help you out with some automatic pingback reciprocal linking. This might come in handy when you are building weaker domains in the beginning. As a compliment to normal link building, naturally.

That’s my contribution to the friday afternoon/evening. Have fun 🙂


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