Finding the right keywords

There is a lot of posts out there about finding good and relevant keywords for your pages. Basically your method all depends upon what your purpose for the page is. Some keywords are highly converting such as “buy underware now”, but the traffic to such a keyword might not be that high. So, if you are looking for traffic, use another word that you think you might receive better traffic ratings for.

Post about Keyword Research
In this post I will not go on and on about different methods as there are so many good posts out there. Finding relevant keywords is really the art of SEO. Sometimes you can strike a gold mine where no one else is working. Eventually other SEOs will find out what you are up to and competition will be back on. The standard method however is:

  1. Think of what you want to do with this page
  2. Find a group of keywords in your head that corresponds to this purpose
  3. Search for keywords related to what you want to do
  4. Look at what ranks and how well they are optimized for the keyword searched for
  5. Go to Google Trends and see what the trend is for the keyword with the least competition, then for all of them
  6. Now go to Google Keywordtool to see if there are any variations you have missed with high traffic volume
  7. Start writing and constructing content
  8. Test your different keyword variations and see which one converts the most, buy ppc if you can to get some initial data
  9. Optimize for traffic or for conversion

Here are some videos from YouTube that talks about keyword research: Enjoy!!

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