Web Analytics Wednesday presentation on Social Media Perspectives

Picture taken from another speach I made at Göteborg University to a bunch of professors.

I held a talk on social media perspectives on the 15th of April. The audience consisted of a group of web analysts engaged in the network Web analytics wednesday. Below is the presentation that I shared with them. (Now translated into English)

Three main voices of Social Media Debate
Basically my theory is that there are three major voices in the social media debate right now. There are the evangelists, the marketers and then a group I would like to call Dr Data. This presentation tries to tell the story of how these three groups communicate what social media is, what is its value and also how it should be measured.

Not really perfect
It is in no way a perfect presentation, and it is kind of plain in its format. But my main point is that there is too much pullet proof lines between the three groups right now. We need to co-operate with eachother in order to build a sustainable web for the future. Only then will we be able to really increase the values of our business online.

Let’s make loads of money
For you sensitive viewers out there… be adviced. I strongly argue that all activities a company does in social media should be aimed towards making money out of it. View this presentation as bullets. One perspective on three perspectives.

I know there are some parts of this presentation that needs explanation. Please make comments below and I’ll try my best to explain.

5 thoughts on “Web Analytics Wednesday presentation on Social Media Perspectives”

  1. Nice Post Jesper. I think the biggest problem I have is how to track social media sources to gauge dissemination of your ideas, links, whatever. Backtweets is one example, but more suggestions would be more than awesome for personal and corporate use.

  2. @Sapph – Ah.. There is a new plug-in to SiteCatalyst coming that will help a bit. Otherwise Radian6 has some neat ways of tracking those kind of metrics.

    If you’re running ol’school, or Google stuff you’ll have to be a bit more creative. I use ip-trackers and tweetstats for twitter as well as a setup of goals in my Google Analytics setup.

    This url gives you some tools for twitter: http://www.socialmediatoday.com/SMC/80437

    I have created a yahoo pipe that I should share in another post that takes a look at blogs.

    Facebook is a problem, but it allways provides you with good referrers as they use ?gid= or some other variables that let you identify the source of the traffic.

    I suppose your question has something to do with how to make this traffic do other stuff than just tag and play on your website.

    I should write a post about that too. But for now I could pass you a presentation that I created a while ago about the difference of converting social media traffic with converting search engine traffic.

    Don’t know if I replied to your question. Please elaborate.

    For metrics to measure I suggest you have a look at this pres: http://www.slideshare.net/dennis.mortensen/the-difference-between-a-kpi-and-a-metric

    And maybe also this one: http://www.slideshare.net/Davida1970/whitepaper-tracking-the-influence-of-conversations-a-roundtable-discussion-on-social-media-metrics-and-measurement-presentation

    And this one is also good: http://www.slideshare.net/yongfook/social-media-roi

  3. Thanks Jesper! I’ll sit down and read all these tidbits of info. The article from social media today was very helpful. I had learned about twitt(url)y or something last week during the TPB trial when I tweeted a link. Had no idea that this url collector existed.

    The interesting part is what tactics to use as a personal blogger, corporate representative, or a blend. For me, I just like talking about random crap online.


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