Welcome to eMail Week

Welcome to e-mail week. In my titles I will write eMail as I think this looks a bit cooler than e-mail and it is a way for me to write e-mail 2.0 but in another way. lol… THIS is e-mail week on jesperastrom.com and I will use this week to write five posts on how to use e-mail on the modern web. I will combine each post with either SEO, social media or conversion. We will cover win-back campaigns, link building and most importantly the intersection between marketing and dialogue.

This post will be a general post of how you can use e-mail on the modern web. You have seen your opening rates drop the past few years and you’re starting to question e-mail as a means for your communication. What you really should do is to start questioning yourself. E-mail is by far the most popular activity online, even surpassing search. The problem is not that e-mail has become bad, it is YOU who’ve become worse.