What you Must know about the Facebook Promotional Guidelines

Yesterday I wrote a piece which publicly showed a fraction of the anger I have towards Facebook right now. Not the community of people but at the rules being imposed on us that work with the platform. The post was not at all constructive, but I had to give space for my anger in some way. This post is more of the constructive how to kind. Although I cannot hide my satire in some places…

As you can understand, it wasn’t only the most recent changes that sparked my anger. Ever since the new Promotional Guidelines were released on the 5th of November of last year, there have been a series of bad changes for us who use Facebook for promotions.

As I hate reading stuff before testing, I have run into some hurdles along the way. I write this post so that you might not.

The Ultimate Facebook Page Resource Page

A blog post with all the resources you need to create good Facebook Pages for yourself or your business.

First off you need to start by creating a HTML document. If you are an e-mail programmer then you’ll become an expert in Facebook landing pages in no time. Basically the thumb rule is to NOT use div’s but use tables. I know some of you out there got some allergic reaction to what I just said, but I promise you that you don’t want some browser versions to come frigg with your classes which can be the case.

Extend you Facebook Page with Applications

Extend your Facebook Page with Applications. This post takes you through the steps you need to know in order to publish your own customizations to your Facebok Page.

There are a couple of ways in which you can and should extend your Facebook Page. Especially when you’re working with driving business through you engagement in the social web. Remember that most of your business/sales are conducted through an opt-in scenario where you should keep your target person entertained, happy or inspired until they are in the mood of buying. That way you’ll make sure you’re top of mind in talks about your sector or when the person him-/herself is in the mood for buying.

How to create a Facebook Fan Page in 11 steps

How to create a Facebook Fan Page from scratch. A complete tutorial with images from Facebook and with detailed descriptions on how to do the basic setup of your Facebook page. Facebook pages are one of the key features when engaging your company in social media. It is a simple way to get up and running in a very limited time. This post is the first in a series about Facebook Fan Pages. The index for this tutorial will be listed under the Social Media option in the top navigation.