13 Advice when Link building through Social Media

Building links through social media is one of the most difficult practices out there. Here is a little example of how it could be done and what you should think about when trying to utilize the social capital of dialogue marketing for link building purposes.

I know the genuine people out there feel like I am an asshole for writing this post in such a cynical way. However, I am not really writing it for you. I am writing this post for those of you who struggle every day to build links that aren’t happy about your situation and want to try something new. Focus on person and not on page.

SEO Link values According to Gollum

There is allways a huge discussion in the search engine optimization community about link values. However, only a few people come out and say that they are actively building links to rank better in the SERPs. Even fewer people say that they buy links.

In an attempt to actually build some understanding on the topic. I contacted the link builder and black hat SEO spammer Gollum. Yes, you’re correct. Gollum who made an outstanding performance in playing himself in the Lord of the Rings. Gollum takes us behind the scenes to describe what the Lord of the Rings is really all about. Namely: The value of different links!!

– Oooooh… preeccciousss… links… preeecious liiinks… I’ll tell you all about them links..

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