Quantum SEO – A Shift from Einsteinian Relativity

[WARNING: Do not read this post if you want to read how to posts. This is total confusion. But perhaps there is someone who can clarify my own thoughts for me out there. So I might just give this a shot.]

I am kind of bored by discussions of Search Engine Optimization. Not only is it very simple but these discussions are all about:

  1. Being relevant –> will get you relevant backlinks
  2. Writing well –> Use the words you think people are searching for
  3. Reference your best stuff –> Treat all the pages of your website as an individual website, only create one website for each purpose, if you need to describe something that’s on another page –> link to it

This fantastic BWR model is well known and understodd througout the SEO community. NOT, I just invented the abbreviation as I thought the 1 Million allready existing in the field was not enough. The theory is the same though. What ever the theory is called, the rules are the same.

If you choose to focus on your content in order to get the sweet white hat links, or if you do CGI injections to get the juicy black hat ones. It is all the same. Links + content = SERP success. This post is about putting a spinn on this discussion as I want there to be something more –> namely Quantum SEO.

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