Social media Automation

I thought I would write something about automation as I get many inquiries about this topic. What can be automated and what can not be automated online. My simplest answer is that everything can be automated. But most stuff shouldn’t be.

That’s why I LOVE spammers
Spammers usually look at vulnerabilities on the web and try to exploit them in any way possible. They automate as much as possible as they shoot from the hip and try to make a hit. I tend to look at spammers to see what smart solutions they have made that I can use to make my work more efficient. I use them and their creativity to become better at what I do. If something can be automated, it should be. If something can be created easier, then it should be. There is no natural law that says all dialogue has to be between two people. The only law in any social interaction is that everyone should get something out of the dialogue. Think win-win and the rest will follow.

What is a good Social media Automation?
If I for example can generate an automated response that solves a problem for another person, then that is a GOOD solution. If I however do not solve the users problem, then I get a problem. Thus it is in both peoples interest to make sure that any automation you do in social media (in particular) helps to solve problems rather than create them.

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PARTY your way to Social media Success

For a long time I have tried to find a common ground for all successful Internet social media projects out there. What do they provide to their users that other projects do not? What do they give? What values do they bring? I guess this is a far from complete model, but as I finalized it I realized that the first letters in the words spelled PARTY and thus I got inspiration to this blog post.

Explaining the PARTY success model is quite easy, and I cannot find a single successful social media project that do not fullfil all of these criterias. Likewise non-successful social media projects fail on one or more of the criteria.

PARTY success model Explained
I will try to briefly explain each one of the letters in the PARTY success model. I will not get into defining what I believe is success. But considering my usual greed, it involves some kind of positive balance sheet as well as being highly popular.

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