Answering 100 questions in 100 days #blogg100

This blog post is a part of the Swedish initiative #blog100 which was founded by the blogger Fredrik Wass in 2011 (if you need it, Google Translate it) as a challenge to blog every day for 100 days. The only other year I tried to fulfill the challenge, I decided to write 100 guest posts in 100 blogs, other than mine. Naturally, this took too much time. So this year, I am doing something else… I’m answering 100 questions in 100 days…

Every day I’ll post a video of at least one minute from my day. Hopefully it will show you some of the upsides and some of the struggle that you have to go through when you decide to change something in your life with the promise of a better tomorrow. (yeye… I know I’m already privileged, but hey, even kings have bad days… so…)

Below are a taste of what you can expect… (but in 1 minute…)

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