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For some reason I started following this band on YouTube a couple of months back. I didn't have a clue why I started following them. At first I didn't even like their music.

For some reason I started following this band on YouTube a couple of months back. I didn’t have a clue why I started following them. – At first I didn’t even like their music. I generally don’t listen to metal. But for some reason I stuck around, continued to subscribe to their channel and listen in on their quite unique sound. A few months have passed, and now I listen to each of their basement recordings. I somehow know they will hit it big in the future and I want to be able to say that “I was there when it started”.

A few years back this wouldn’t have been possible. Now, with YouTube, it is. Anyhow, they’ve been kickin’ it on the East Coast for a while but they are looking to go to Nashville. This fund raising video should be viewed by many of you out there trying to raise funds. These guy’s are for real. They are honest in their dream and they are willing to walk the line to get there.

Think about it. This shit is like Obama, but with heart. We have an election in Sweden coming up. The politicians working their campaigns should really look at this video as an example of how it is done. Honest, direct and delivers a promise for the future. Who can resist donating a few bucks? This is my contribution.


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  • I first discovered TRUBADOR on MySpace Music and the first song I listened to was “Another Life”. I played this song a few times because I was blown away that a Metal/Grunge (whatever) rock band were performing a song that both confirmed and articulated my own experiences and general outlooks on life. There was something magical, real and potent about this song that I was in a bit of a daze for some time. Trubador had struck me in places that only I had dared to venture in my mind and I wanted to hear and know more about them.

    I, too, watched all their videos on YouTube as each one brought a humility, rawness and realness to a music ‘genre’ that in the minds of many would still be perceived as “tough” or “hard” and the like. Don’t misunderstand me here, as Bon Scott informed us – “it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n’ roll” and to travel that road requires a toughness that is rarely developed, let alone present, by so many who dare tread it. But beyond all that it requires vision and confidence to embark on the journey Trubador has set course for themselves – I said confidence, not arrogance and did I mention humility?

    In my opinion Trubador are the finest three-piece rock band to have emerged since Nirvana and are deserving of as much support they can get. I’ll tell you this, it will take a courageous band to offer Trubador a supporting gig or concert because unless the main act is as authentic, real, competent and capable as Trubador they may very well find themselves taking a back seat. Having said that, Marcoe (guitar/vocals), Criss (drums) and Jaymes (bass) are more than capable of being the main act in their own right and they know it too. Not just that but fans and listeners of their work know that too, myself included.

    I’m the very proud owner of a signed copy of Trubador’s debut album “Earth” and will confidently state that this album would take pride of place in any discerning music listener’s collection, rock or otherwise, simply because it is a rare and documented piece of gutsy, gritty, yet sublime rock containing songs that will leave deep impressions in the listener’s mind.

    Today’s music scene and “Pop Culture” it general has become overly infatuated with the personalities behind the music and whilst this is interesting to a certain point sadly the phenomenon has become so absorbed in the players that the player’s music often becomes obscured in fantasy coloured over with a thick lick of gloss in the perception of the listeners; a coat of paint that were it to be stripped away all that would remain would be largely a dull, uninspiring, repetitive and shallow noise easily forgettable – unless one enjoys being absorbed in tedium. Fortunately, Trubador would never suffer this fate because if you are interested in the three brothers who make up Trubador then go and watch one of their many episodes documenting their day to day lives on YouTube. Not only are they engaging, intelligent and highly entertaining they are down to “Earth” and as real as your next door neighbour. One would have to be a complete automation not to take to these guys and in due corse totally warm to them as I have – and far from extracting any magic from their music by “knowing” them you will discover where some of the magic emanates from when you listen.

    In closing I’d like to express my personal thanks to Trubador for injecting back into rock music that which the past decade or so (at least) has almost completely drained via that vampire of vanity and commercial greed – oh, and deaf music “executives”.

    MF, 24th April 2010.

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