What Would you do If I Sang out of tune?

… would you stand up and walk out on me?

What would your fans, followers and readers do if you happened to do something a bit off? Would they stay or would they walk out on you? I think this is the most important question to answer when you engage with your customers in online environments. What can you do for them, so that they don’t walk out on you if you were to fuck up.

Cause just consider the power you get when you’re down and you can “have a little help” from your friends. How do you translate this sense of belonging to the way you communicate with your customer?

Cause everyone needs someone, or something to love, and why not let yourself be that someone or something to someone else?

An unnaturally short post by my standards, but I feel like Joe does it better then anyone. You can see his words are sincere, you can see that he is a true original, you can not only hear what he sings, but you can feel it. That is what you have to translate into your communication so that even when you REALLY need to say something (like when you release a new product), people listen cause they appreciate how you say it.

Cause in the modern world of the Internets, we all could use a little help from our friends. Now go out there and get some!!

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1 thought on “What Would you do If I Sang out of tune?”

  1. I am quite certain that in the world of massmedia and industrialization we lost touch with some great human values. Passion, belonging, sharing and sincerity. In the world of the monologue they are a scarcity.

    But in the world of dialogue, they exist and they are looking for their mates. When they find eachother, the herd rises. The blogg and the herd is like apple and cinamon. They belong togheter.

    They say the links are subverting the hierchies. I belive the links are the symtom of the herd. The herd is subverting the hierchies.

    As many times before, u are an inspiration!


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