YouTube Goes Social

For all it counts, YouTube has decided to go social. Not only in the way that it recommends videos upon what you have previously watched but also based upon what you’re friends have interacted with. This enforces the notion that Google is truly pushing the social bar a bit higher.

Yes, you have been able to connect to Facebook and Twitter before, but they haven’t used this format to display your friends activities before. This adds to the normal YouTube networking strategies as you can use your activities and interaction with all the content on the platform to become interesting for fans and followers. You can also use the old Facebook tactic that you push other people’s content and thus pull traffic to it, making the people you promote immensely thankful and loyal (not that easy, but this is one out of many ways to do it).

Thus, the new “Recent Activity” box is something which I am all for.

You can only view it if you have interacted with other people on YouTube and you are logged in.

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