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Why is Facebook the only one allowed to be lazy

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Tweet Many have the critics of Facebooks latest changes in post visibility for brands been. But equally many have the defenders turned out to be. The one side says “boohoo,…

Google removed Keyword data from Analytics – 101 ways to get it anyhow!

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Tweet Keyword data seems to be disappearing from Google Analytics. So. How do we know what to optimize our websites towards? How will we be able to know what supporting…

LinkedIn Slots – Cool people should not read this!

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Tweet I have found a new and exciting hobby, I like to call “LinkedIn Slots”. The basic rules are quite simple. 1. You Get the “Now its your turn. Endorse…

A/B-testing – A post Explaining The challenge and Solution for Marketing Managers

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Tweet A/B-testing is something that is quite frequently discussed as something you should do. Yet, most marketing managers and online communicators still don’t. In fact. They dread the mere notion…