The Facerape

I have never been faceraped. However, your daughter most definitively have. As a parent you are completely unaware of this. Your child will most definitively not tell you. It happens every day. It is an old behavior that has now spread to an all out epidemic. It happens in schools, in libraries, in public restrooms, in the sanctity of your home. Faceraping is the new black and you better be aware of it.

Naturally, Facerape has nothing to do with any raping at all. Not physically at least. The word Facerape started surfacing when people were taking advantage of a friend’s lack of judgement… or more exactly, inability to log out of Facebook when leaving the computer.

The idea of a Facerape is to post something embarrassing on your friends account when they have left their computer unattended for a second. It can be everything from “I’m taking a shit” to worse things like “I’m getting married”. The worst kind of Facerapes has to do with the “relationship” status.

When someone indicates they are dating someone on Facebook, there is a public message sent out to all their friends. It is one of those messages that gets really high attention and always sparks a lot of dialogue. All joy!! You’re in a relationship.

However, the worst Facerape I’ve seen was when a person used a friends account and ended the relationship with the other person on Facebook. When doing so, a post is made to the wall of all of that persons friends saying “person x is no longer in a relationship”. This is horrible!! Think of all the common friends and how they react. “Why didn’t I know?”.

All in all, the Facerape is a quite funny cultural behavior that Facebook has brought about and a quite nice thing for a friday.

8 thoughts on “The Facerape”

  1. i just faceraped my girlfriend yesterday… now she doesn’t let me use her computer anymore….

    Apperently she doesn’t like to tell all her friends that she likes to dance naked while wearing monkey ears

  2. I dont really se the bad in this, it’s a fun joke that havent harmed any of my friends. And they are many. Me myself also got faceraped and diden’t bother or got sad about it. I actually diden’t care at all.


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