Jesper Åström

Jesper Åström is an internationally renowned digital tactics consultant and speaker with over 35 000 hours experience covering over 500 campaign launches, 15 global brand strategies and consulting in 5 seed to first round start ups. The area digital tactics covers how to implement strategies and thinking in areas ranging from advertising, growth & engagement to data science and analytics.

For the past 20 years or so, I have worked with digital tactics. That means I have spent approximately the last 35 000 hours launching over 450 digital campaigns, written 7 global digital strategies and built endless technology to serve an endless ocean of needs and wants. I completed a book on viral marketing, which has been downloaded over 11 000 times and once held a lecture in Sambizanga outside Luanda in Angola. All of which has given me a unique perspective and humility to what working with digital marketing is all about.

I once sent more than 22 million emails in a week to people who didn’t want them, managed to DDOS the regulator of the Swedish stock exchange when marketing a change to their Code of conduct, was one of the first people to hack Facebook and once tried to catch the attention from the H&M senior management by putting print outs of Matt Cutts all over the interior of the elevators takin guests to the c-level floor. All of which, besides getting me into a lot of trouble, also taught me that failure is just something that happens continuously until you succeed.

In 2017 I published my first book called The System which outlies a systematic approach to viral marketing. On this website I try to write about the work I do so that you can follow the process form A-Z. I want to share as much as possible and I have two main channels for doing that – here on the blog and on YouTube.