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Avoid The Usual Import Problems

  • 3 Calculated tabs, 12 monthly post tabs
  • Removes the duplicate error
  • Removes the error with reading files because of duplicate titles
  • Adds a source that enables you to sort by month easier
Normal Errors when importing Facebook Insights data to Google Data Studio

More Facebook Tutorials

Facebook Page, Facebook Connect or perhaps a Facebook Group? What really suits your company when trying to get involved on Facebook for the first time. How should you turn your Facebook engagement into bottom line revenue and how do you apply your common business sense in the Facebook environment?

This Facebook Tutorial page aims to give you the answer to most of those questions.

Should you choose a group or a page? Are you going to use your personal account or should you use a company account? On this page, I have stored some valuable posts I have written on the topic. I am currently writing 5-10 more posts on the topic so I’ll hope this can be a full tutorial when I’m done.

As we all know, Facebook changes a lot all the time so please contact me if any of the information would get old or obsolete and I’ll make sure to credit you with a link from the updated version.

Facebooks own Tutorial resources

About Facebook on Wikipedia

Facebook Page Tutorials

This first section talks about the basics. How can you set up a Facebook Page and what can you use it for.
Facebook Page Rules and Facebook promotional guidelines for Pages

Monetize on your Facebook Investment

This part of the tutorial takes aim at showing you how to make money from your Facebook investments. I will show some examples from companies making the most out of its Facebook presence.

Facebook Connect Tutorial

Facebook Connect is one of the most powerful tools to use when integrating your web presence with Social Media. There are several ways in which you can produce extremely use full connections between your online shop, blog and other member parts of your website. This tutorial aims at showing you some of these. Please contact me if you want me to write an article on something specific.

Facebook Video Tutorials

This tutorial is quite outdated, but it serves as a good beginners video to all the options available for your Facebook Page. As the Facebook Fan Page doesn’t work this way anymore, you can ask me questions by e-mailing me and I’ll write a post about the topic you want to know more about.

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