Keep the offline business, but please expand in the online business

Some companies just won’t get on this train of social media and search. Some companies are just too ignorant, too arrogant and too self indulging to understand that the future does not lie in the past, but in the future. Adapting has always been the human beings way of survival. It plays out in all parts of our society. Europe was leading until the kings, church and queen stuff made the “janks” want to turn on us and become a republic. They then ruled the world until now when we see the Chinese take over as they change, they adapt and most of all, they adopt better practices instead of relying on best practices.

It is time for corporations to start listening up, start being radical and start making changes. It is time to start being available where people search for them, where people want to talk to them and where new business opportunities can be mutually arranged. I mean. If you are a corporate CEO and read this… I know there are a few of you out there. Are you REALLY going to tell your stock owners that there was a market buying stuff from your sector, but only not from you, and the only reason for this being that you didn’t understand it?

You conquered the offline world with success. You have opened stores in every diary desk in the world. Your growth has been fantastic and thus your stock price has reached beyond what was ever expected. Now the opportunity is for you to double it. Make it digital, make it easy, make it cheap and most importantly, make it available where ever, and when ever.

If you have supply chain problems, set up a franchise where people in different countries can establish their own online supply chain for that country. If you have problems with optimization, then use affiliates to do the optimization for you. If you have problems with data collection, then tap on into Facebook. If you have problems with knowledge then start reading a good blog, or even a book.

Most importantly!!! Being a part of the online community is NOT what many people say it is. It is not either or. It is not a zero sum game between offline IRL stuff and online stuff. It is a new market. Why not move into it. Why not take the corner spots on each street and why not put people in your stores? It is that simple. It is all the same. You know how to do this. A new format, yes, but you know the art of business and what’s happening truly is business. Keep the offline, add the online!

All I am asking you is to treat this soberly. Compare, prepare and try it out. But please do it now!!


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