YouTube Bulletins to your Subscribers

Something that Digg removed as the best way to rally your fans, has now been made available on YouTube. Today they launched the “Post a bulletin” feature which enables you to post a message to the walls of your subscribers. This is excellent. Now it actually make sense invest money into building subscribers to a channel as you get a direct way to notify them when you post new material or when you have updates.

Perhaps this is one further step in the way to increase the social features of the YouTube platform. They have until recently been limited to interaction on pages, but has launched network features in both the connection box as well as the way they promote videos watched by your friends.

I am looking forward to the next step in YouTubes iteration towards becoming a real social platform.

5 ways to use YouTube bulletins

  1. Promote a recently uploaded video
  2. Communicate with your subscribers about some specific message in the video content
  3. Create competitions where users shall find stuff in existing videos
  4. Enforce call to action in your videos
  5. Get feedback from users on your videos

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