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Audience Behavior in Google Analytics

Tweet Just as with many other terms, the term “Behavior” is used with different meaning in different places in Google Analytics. The version I am explaining in this article is the option you can click under the main category Audience in the left hand navigation. Under this sub-menu you can find three different reports that … Read more

3 Simple Steps to Track Share Buttons in Google Analytics

Event Tracking is one of the most powerful tracking possibilities in Google Analytics to track the virality of what you produce on your website, blog or web project. With even tracking you can simulate page views in flash files so that you can see the interactivity between your user and your flash file. With Event Tracking you can track clicks on buttons, how long it takes to load a certain element, or as in this example how many people shares your material on social platforms/subscribe to your RSS.

The implementation requires that you have an account on Google Analytics and that you have implemented the ga.js script instead of the legacy urchin.js script in the bottom of your pages.