What is a keyword?
It is debatable whether or not a keyword is one word or if it is a theme. What we know is that a keyword defines the content of a page. There is a misconception that you can have several keywords on one page. Each page should be optimized around its own keyword. No other pages on a website should be optimized for the same word.

A keyword…

  • …defines the page
  • …is unique
  • …matches a potential search queery from a user

A keyword can however consist of several words, making it a phrase. Each phrase or word you optimize for should match as many searches as posible that are in the right mindset of reaching your page. This means that if your page is a sales page, one part of your keyword should be a “buy” component. If your page is an informative page, your keyword should contain some kind of “informative” component.

Example keywords:

  • Discount prizes car insurance – a buy keyword
  • Compare car insurance – a information keyword

Social media and Search Engine keywords
There are some different variations of keywords you should keep in mind. Some keywords should be optimized for the search engines, and some for social media.

For search engine optimization – think of your searchers – who are they? – then think of what keywords you set in order to match their searches.

For Twitter, you want a lot of Retweets on what ever you post. You should allways keep track on what words Retweeted. Words such as “twitter”, “help”, “top”, “new” and “max” are good words. Basically any three letter word goes better than longer words.

Social media keywords, especially the ones that end up in good positions for conversion and viral spread, should either push for unique information, clusters of information (such as best of lists or top lists) or should open up for dialogue, ie. questions, statements, provocations.

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3 thoughts on “Keywords”

  1. I agree. A keyword is a question, but it is also a statement. When building a page through a keyword, considering that it is a statement, you have to support your statement with authority.

    Authority is gained by extending your keyword which I have written about in another post.


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